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Fibreglass lamination is the ultimate waterproofing system for your pond. If done properly fibreglass will give you a lifetime of trouble-free service. Fibreglass lamination offers some huge benefits over the alternatives. There are no unsightly folds or creases to disrupt the water flow and harbour parasites. It is practically impossible for it to be punctured. It is a smooth hard-wearing surface that, adds a significant amount of structural integrity to your construction. You have a choice of colours available. Black and green are the most popular as they look natural and do not show up algae. There is no maintenance required for the fibreglass but, should you wish to pressure wash it or scrub it down then don’t hesitate to do so. The finish is more than capable of withstanding a lot of abuse. Fibreglass can be applied to a variety of surfaces including brickwork, block-work, concrete or plywood. To obtain a good finish a smooth rendered surface is desirable. You will not find a more durable or cosmetically appealing solution to waterproofing any pond.



The surface to be fiberglassed must be dry and dust free. In some circumstances a temporary cover may have to be installed over the pond to help achieve this. A robust high-quality fibreglass lamination will comprise of several layers of chop-stand matting wet out with a Lloyd’s approved polyester resin. To obtain the very best looking and smoothest finish possible a fine tissue layer is required. The lamination is completed by the addition of the coloured flow coat resin. It is this final layer that is waterproof. The fibreglass is generally given a few days to cure before it is washed down with clean water and then the pond is ready to be filled. Unfortunately, there are a few less than scrupulous individuals out there ready to exploit a naive customer. A favourite trick of these shady characters is to cut back on the layers or even not layer at all and simply flow-coat. The customer can be completely oblivious to the deception as the pond will hold water, at least for a while.


Choose a reputable experienced person who, will provide the service at a reasonable price and not compromise on the quality of materials or workmanship. We can highly recommend Stuart Boorman from NKB Building , as all our pond have been fibreglassed by him. NKB Building are fully insured to undertake any Koi pond fibre-glassing job in the UK.

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