Busy At Store, Delivery Service Going Well And My Fish At Home Get A Treated To Some Klay.

Its been another busy week here at the store. Koi sales are going strong at the moment and we have had Koi deliveries going out to Rochdale, Ellistown and Skegness. 

I was hopping to go for a paddle in the sea and post a picture on Facebook but oh boy did it rain hard on Wednesday! 

Finally I have switched to growth food in my pond at home. My pond hasn’t really been warm enough until now as I live out in the country and it is shaded by tall Leylandii trees. Even though it was warm in the day the cold nights were keeping my temperatures low.

My water is now up to 13c and as the weather forecast is good for the coming weeks I have also started adding some of the Montmorillonite Klay. 

Clays have been used in Koi ponds for years. To administer a dose the clay is measured into a bucket, pond water is added and then whisked up vigorously. The bucket is then dumped into the pond. The pond water will quickly cloud. Over a period of hours the fine clay particles attract other particles and form small clumps which will eventually settle to the bottom of the pond. This flocculation process sharpens up the water. The small clumps are consumed by the fish and pass through the digestive system. 

With repeated use you will see your fish develop a healthy luster on the skin and vibrant colours. You cannot overdose a pond on Clay but it is unlikely that excessively high doses of clay will have significant additional benefits. You don’t have to use a lot of it to really get a benefit. A 1Kg bag will service a 1000 gallon pond for half a year. If you follow the recommendation outlined on the packaging. 

If you would like to try some in your pond here is a voucher that will save you 20% off a bag. Just show it at the till next time you are in the store. Its valid until the end of the month.

This weekend at the store you will find a special offer on the 14-16in Koi in pond 7.

These Koi where part of our first shipment that arrived at the store back in March.

The new bargain price is £199 each or 3 for just £575. There are some excellent quality GoSanke varieties.

If you would like to view them online the just click the picture above and you will find them displaying a small “SALE” tag next to there picture.

If you are looking for something a little different for your pond we have some Barbel, Mirror Carp and Grass Carp. You might have missed them as they are currently for sale in the tanks where we stock our cold water fancies.  


Barbel are predominantly a river-dwelling fish that are sought by anglers. Most people don’t realize that they are also at home in still water and do make good pond fish. 

Mirror Carp are extremely robust usually found in lakes or slow moving rivers. They can grow to a considerable size so are best suited to larger ponds.

Grass Carp are popular in Koi ponds. They have appetite for the blanket weed that grows on the side of the pond and will often graze off it. Thus helping to keep it down. 

I think I need to get myself off to the gym as lifting all these Koi boxes is starting make me feel old. 

Looking forward to seeing you at the shop soon.

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