Don’t Take Any Chances With Oxygen And New Products.

In this edition of the Black Chair we tackle going on holiday when you have a Koi pond, how can you tell when a Dechlorinator is working? and how to tame your Koi?

Have you ever wanted to know how many gallons are in your pond? Calculating a simple shape such as a cuboid is straight ward and easy.

Working in meters just multiply your Length x Width x Depth and you have the litres.

However more complex shapes can be tricky and that’s were a water meter is needed.

A water meter can help you determine how much usage your Dechlorinator has sustained. The 30 inch Evolution Aqua units are described as suitable for up to 550,000  ltrs but how do you know when you have used that amount of water.  You need a meter!

Before things get too hot and stifling for your fish it is worth installing an air pump. I strongly recommended investing in one. They are super simple to install.

We have a huge range of air pumps to choose from, most will come with a good supply of air line and diffuser stones so they have everything straight out the box.. 

A small inexpensive air pump can be an absolute lifesaver and can cost under £20.  A larger more powerful model will really help to make things comfortable even in a large heavily stocked pond. 

A very common misconception regarding ponds is that the more plants the more oxygen there will be available for the fish. Whilst it is true that plants express oxygen as a by product of photosynthesis at night this process stops completely.

Serious effects of low oxygen levels are often most obvious  during the summer months when higher water temperatures increase your fish’s activity levels and bacterial processes move into overdrive. Oxygen is actually less soluble in warm water. Meaning the water simply can not retain as much of it. 

 When there are insufficient levels of oxygen your fish can become lethargic and may be reluctant to feed. Some fish will get highly stressed and jump up out of the water.  If your fish are hanging around where the water returns to the pond or sitting under a waterfall that’s a sure sign that something is very wrong.

If you would like to learn more about Oxygen then I wrote a blog its called “Let your fish breathe.” and its can be found here.

It has some great advice about what to do should you have an emergency such as a power outage.

Take care everyone

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