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In this weeks video we take an look at the trickle filter I made for the quarantine room. If you fancy having a go and making one yourself then it could not be easier!  

If it’s been a while since your last visit to the store your in for a surprise. The shop is stocked up with everything you could possibly wish for the Aquarium or Pond keeper!

Why not treat your friends or relatives to an extra special gift this year with a Japanese Water Gardens Gift Voucher? 

A voucher can be used to purchase our New Season Koi or against any pond product of your choice. Alternatively, for the pet or reptile lover in your life, a Japanese Water Gardens Gift Voucher is sure to put a smile on their faces as there is always something new to purchase.

A critical piece of kit for any aquarium is a thermometer. Tropical fish need a stable water temperature 24c-30c depending on the species, everyone knows this for sure. But it is also very useful to have a thermometer available to check the temperature of a pond.

I guarantee you 100% every pond or aquarium keeper will find this very cheap gift something they will use. 

Chances are they have one already but misplaced it!

Get one with a string on it this time, useful, cheap stocking fillers.

Sometimes you need to see things up close. A microscope with slides is an invaluable tool when diagnosing fish parasites.

You might be thinking this would be an expensive gift but it’s more than possible to make use of an entry level hobby scope.

A quick search online and you will find numerous models around a hundred pounds that would “do the job nicely thank you very much.”

Just make sure you get one that has a powered back light with brightness adjustments, and mechanical stage. 

Some models can be connected to a pc via a usb for ease of use.

Bioballs, bombs, bacterial enhancers and supplements.
You might be forgiven for thinking these would be for bodybuilders or fitness fanatics, but they are bacterial additives pond and aquarium keepers use regularly to boost their filters.

Rest assured if you decide to give one as a present it won’t be long before it gets put to good use. Pond keepers will almost always add a treatment soon as spring arrives.

It might sound like its something from an 80’s sci fi movie but its actually an essential product used by fish keepers to eliminate nasty chlorine from tap water.

It is used every time fresh water is added to a pond or aquarium. 

If you want earn some serious brownie points you can purchase a secret weapon the carbon based “Detox Inline Declorinater”

Its a very popular water treatment unit that attaches directly onto any standard hose pipe. All necessary fittings are included. 

Good water quality is the single most important element to keeping healthy fish. The vast majority of illnesses common in fish can be directly attributed to or complicated by less than perfect tank or pond water.  

A set of reliable test kits will enable you to monitor conditions in a pond or aquarium. They are inexpensive, easy to use and should be used regularly throughout the year.

Yes this does include the winter. The pH problem that I keep mentioning in my newsletters, Facebook group and YouTube videos has already caught out a couple of customers this winter and I know there will be more.

Testing the water will allow you to spot a problem developing, take action before it becomes serious and help protect your precious pets.

If you are buying for someone very special then you might just stretch to a pond vacuum. Takes all the hard work out of cleaning the bottom of a pond.

Autumn leaves beware.

Used regularly this robust, powerful machine will make sure your pond is kept in pristine condition. 

The vacuum I use when I do my pond cleaning duties is versatile too and can empty out filter chambers, suck the sludge from sponges and I even used it one time when I had a burst pipe that flooded my kitchen!  

For those of us with fish tanks I recommend a gravel siphon, a simple device that you squish up and down across the tank bottom, all the muck gets sucked out into a bucket.

Clean up equipment is always handy, but guys beware if buying for your girlfriend chocolates are recommended. 

Back up life support systems. More commonly know as air pumps.

This year back in the summer record high temperatures made things very uncomfortable us and potentially fatal to our fish. 

You can never have too much aeration in a pond or aquarium. 

A spare pump is a god send when your main one packs up. Its prudent to have a spare. 

You will not believe how affordable a set can be; they often include the line and the stones as well. 

They are useful to have when carrying out a salt bath, your Koi will be a lot more comfortable and less likely to jump when the water is bubbling around. 

From time to time it is necessary to catch up and bowl a Koi. Having the right tools for this job will make all the difference. 

A lot of pond keepers resort to using fishing landing nets or worse. With this made for the job professional kit, and a bit of advice from my YouTube video its a breeze.

Its a good bet that your friend will be glad to unwrap something like this come Christmas morning. For sure they will never guess the gift!

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