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Extreme Heat Warning And Buy 2 Get 1 Free.

Did you know the met office has just issued its first ever red warning for extreme heat? Warning of ‘very serious situation’ in exceptional hot spell on Monday and Tuesday, covering much of country.  Apparently we could be in for some record breaking high temperatures and this is exactly the type of situation where low […]

Let your fish breathe. Let your fish breathe. Tempests and De-Chlorinators back in stock.

The importance of maintaining a good level of dissolved oxygen can not be overstated.   Your fish require oxygen to breathe. The bacteria in your filter system utilize it to break down harmful Ammonia and Nitrites. Large amounts of Oxygen is required to decompose organic material in the pond.   A very common misconception regarding […]

Great Offer On Koi And How To Save Money On Electricity Bills. Plus More.

 This is Part 5 of my step by step drum filter install. Thank you everyone for your patience its been a huge job creating them! Please help support the channel, thumbs up the video, post a comment and subscribe. Just over a week ago we celebrated the 70 year jubilee. We decorated the ponds with Bunting […]

AMAZING OFFERS! Open Everyday, Celebrating The 70 Year Jubilee.

Over the last week we have been busy getting ready for the extended Bank Holiday Weekend.  We are planning to open everyday and will be celebrating the Queens 70 year jubilee by decorating the ponds and running some exciting promotions.  The Koi stock is in excellent condition and our selection is hard to beat. I […]

Busy At Store, Delivery Service Going Well And My Fish At Home Get A Treated To Some Klay.

Its been another busy week here at the store. Koi sales are going strong at the moment and we have had Koi deliveries going out to Rochdale, Ellistown and Skegness.  I was hopping to go for a paddle in the sea and post a picture on Facebook but oh boy did it rain hard on Wednesday!  Finally I have […]

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